Audiobook Editing and Production

Our engineers are experienced and efficient at editing voiceover content for audiobooks. We offer priority turnaround times to meet demanding audiobook distribution schedules.  

Audiobook Editing

Audiobooks for commercial distribution must be professionally edited to maximize listener comfort and enjoyment. This process includes:

  • Noise reduction to minimize background ambience such as air-conditioners or outside road noises. 
  • Crutch word editing to remove superfluous words such as um, like or you know.
  • Mouth noise and breath removal.
  • Reverb reduction to minimize unpleasant acoustic artifacts if recording was made outside of a studio environment.
  • Transparent compression to make  speaking volume uniform and free of harsh transients.
  • De-essing to minimize sibilance.

Audiobook Production

Properly produced and branded audiobook content is essential to gain repeat listener engagement. Audiobook production roles include:

  • Insertion or creation of branded content such as introduction music and sound effects.
  • Converting to a compressed file format for distribution. 


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